Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ribbon Snippets

Time for something completely different today.  I got this gorgeous wire heart frame for my mum for her birthday and filled it with photos of the grandchildren.  But I couldn't help thinking it looked rather plain so I pulled out my ribbon drawer and got tying.  Mr Furry Tale couldn't believe what I was doing... admittedly it was quite late at night and I ought to have been going to bed but I had left getting it wrapped till the last minute.  What's a girl to do?!

I am happy to report I practically emptied my box of ribbon snippets and used up a few ends of spools too.  And mum loved it - though I suspect that might have had more to do with the photos than the ribbon!

I'll take this for a snippety project for a little spin in Di's Snippets Playground.  It's been too long!

Time to crack on with jobs.  The photo below is called 'laundry day', but isn't every day a laundry day?

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