Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Post

Did you miss me last week?  I took a week to get on with everything other than crafting - it's a great hobby we have, but it does tend to take over sometimes!  Anyway, I'm hoping to have lots of lovely inspiration to share with you this week, starting with this absolutely gorgeous black and white card made for me by Alison as part of the cardswap group.

Just look at that beautiful bow!  I can never get mine to look that neat.  Thank you Alison - I absolutely love it.

You'll be glad to know that I stumbled upon a new source of funny animal pictures last week so I think I've got my blog covered until summer next year...  I'm sure many cat owners (sorry, cat servants) will understand today's picture.  The grass is always greener...

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Hi Victoria, just saw your name on a comment at another blog, and reminded me to pop over! Loved your cat pics (although I'm highly allergic to cats!)..truly they own their Human, don't they? Loved your card also...and it is indeed so perfectly tied. Liked all the B&W on this one. So very well done. Hope all is going well with you. TFS & Hugs

  2. I've not had my dinner yet so that may be why but I fancy some licquorice allsorts - it's that gorgeous bow - yep definitely will have to get some when DH goes out next lol! Beautiful card and yep that's exactly how the cats think xx

  3. Black and white is very elegant ! I like ! Perfect knot ! Interesting concept with the windows !
    Bravo !

    Hugs from France.

  4. lol yup i am a cat servant too!!! glad you got some "non craft" things taken care of, now come do mine! lol


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