Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Little More Needlecraft

As well as the table runner, tablecloth and the purse I showed you yesterday, my husband also made some wonderful Christmas trees which we gave as gifts to my family.  This one is ours!

He cut out three copies of the Christmas tree shape out of two different fabrics, then sandwiched the different fabrics together to create pockets. He sewed around the outside leaving room to fill them from the bottom.  He stitched the middle of them all to create a six-pronged tree, stuffed it and sewed up the bottom.  The pattern was from McCalls if you're interested in giving it a go yourself.  They went down a treat!

If you're on a New Year diet, hopefully you don't feel like this at the moment!

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  1. Wow ths is gorgeous, does he take orders?. Nice to see you back hope the job is going well. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Hello Stranger. Wow! two posts in 2013 already!!
    I made this pattern up some years ago, and at some point the pattern was no longer available as a friend wanted it. Lovely colours you have used. I remember it took alot of stuffing and I used a quilt which I did not ever use and was a wedding present! Shhh! (I only like feather ones!) Unfortunately mine has now gone as the mouses in the house decided they wanted the stuffing one winter!

  3. Hi Victoria,

    Happy new year ! I wish you an year full of creativity !

    Hugs from France.

  4. Hi Victoria, lovely to see you're blogging. Hope the job is going well? You really should get you DH to make these and sell them - they're gorgeous! Happy New Year you lovely lady, hope to see more of your and DH's creations again soon Karen x

  5. What an amazingly talented hubby! xx

  6. Clever man! Sewing machines break when I go anywhere near them... so I'm in awe of fabric crafters!
    Alison x

  7. He's a clever chap - that looks complicated to make, though your description makes it sound easy!! The choice of contrasting fabrics is very satisfying...he needs his own blog!!


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