Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Little Needlecraft

I have a couple of creations from my husband to share with you today.  For our Christmas table this year, he made a lovely textured red tablecloth and a table runner out of some lovely poinsettia fabric, edged with gold satin.  It really looked the part!  Feel free to admire my beautiful ivory roses too!

He also made a little purse for a friend of mine who spent Christmas Day with us.  She's American, so we included a traditional sixpence as well as a quarter and a dime - a sentiment she really appreciated.

Fortunately Socks didn't take it upon himself to create anything for us like this kitty did:

I'll share a little more Christmas needlecraft with you tomorrow,


  1. Beautiful table runner Victoria, what a clever husband!
    Val x

  2. Blimey a Husband that sews - very impressed. Hugs, Claire x

  3. I think your Hubster needs to start his own creative blog....he's very talented and obviously has a good eye for design!
    Love the kitty.....very talented, too...hahaa!

  4. So there are TWO very talented people in your house! The runner is beautiful & the little purse as well! Your husband is a "keeper" in my book!

  5. He's very talented!!
    Lovely makes.

  6. Wow, he did an awesome job! Great fabric, beautifully sewn....when is he starting his own blog?
    Happy NewvYear to you and yours, may it be filled with happiness, health and fun!
    LLJ 31 xx

    1. He says he's happy hijacking mine for the moment!!

  7. What a talented husband you have and I'm sure Socks is much more creative than the kitty in the photograph.

  8. Wow - beautiful fabric work... what a partnership! And yes, keep the cat away!!
    Alison x

  9. errrr! I have some quilting projects which need finishing. Can I send them to your Hubby for him to finish for me please? He has done a cracking job on these lovely creations!
    Nice to see you back in the blogging world!

  10. I see you hve been busy and your cat picture is the best!


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