Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Day Off

As it's my birthday, today is one of those occasions when I blog my husband's card and not my own.  I was banished from my desk earlier this week while he made lots of clunking noises.  He presented it to me this morning with the words, "I've gone more conventional this year so I hope you still like it!"

And as he's used four snippets for numbers, I guess Mr Furry Tale could go and join in the playground fun (I'm not sure he'll know what's hit him, but....)

I have a fun day of crafting planned for today. As I don't get to do any much in term time, I couldn't wish for anything more fun than to spend time indulging in my hobby!

Today was the day two years ago we went to collect Socks from the cat rescue centre.  Those two years have been filled with lots of cat fur, miaowing, purring, chicken, fish, love, strokes and affection and I wouldn't have had it any other way!  So in honour of Socks' honorary birthday, here is today's picture:

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  1. Happy birthday, Victoria!!!! Have a lovely day. Great card by hubby!! xx

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie! I wish I could magic some wonderfully warm Spring sunshine for you (snowing here again) but I hope you enjoy your day, whatever you do. Huggles Squirrel xx

  3. Happy Birthday Victoria, stay warm and cosy and just play - today is your day! Love your Hubby's card, he can come and play if you like :)

    LOVE your kitty piccie today, soooo cute!

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. What adorable intention ! Fantastic work. Everything in simplicity as I like ! Bravo !

    Hugs from France.

  5. Happy Birthday hun - great card made by your hubby! Have a lovely day. Hugs, Claire x

  6. Happy Birthday Victoria - fab card from DH - well done to him! I love the kitty photo and it just says it all! Hope you have a fab crafty day Karen x

  7. Happy birthday Victoria! Glad to hear you are getting the whole day to spoil yourself. Love hubby's card too - you may just get him hooked! Hugs, Jenny x

  8. Happy birthday Victoria, love the card, I actually have that embossing folder! There's nothing nicer than crafting on your birthday.

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Victoria! Mr. Furry Tales did a fantastic job! Love that kitty picture!

  10. Happy Birthday, Victoria! Great work from your other half - and the most adorable kitten pic, thanks for sharing!
    Alison x

  11. Adorable! Love that thought behind it!

    And such a sweet tribute to little kitty!

  12. Happy Birthday to you AND to Socks! Your hubby is a treasure! A handmade card (and a pretty one too!) makes him a keeper!

  13. Happy birthday, my friend! Great card. What a wonderful "Awwww" moment in that kitten photo! Of course, the caption is perfect. :-D

  14. Many happy returns Victoria, hope you've had a lovely crafty day :0)
    Hubby has done well with your card and using up snippets too.... v impressed :0)
    Jenny x


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