Monday, 3 September 2012

Sewing... yes, sewing, on my blog!

...but not done by me!  Today I have a very special crafty offering as these are the cushion covers my husband made for me for our wedding anniversary earlier this year.  He ordered the fabric to be shipped from Europe and has been beavering away on the sewing machine.  Needless to say I am delighted with them!

Two of these lovely French vintage covers, with gorgeous Paris postcards:

And two of these fantastic Nordic type. The cotton is like a tapestry weave making them extra luxurious!

He picked this fabric because we have the Chamonix skiers print framed in our house:

He's very talented, isn't he?!  Later on this week, I will show you the gorgeous bag he made me with the leftover French vintage fabric.

Today is the first day of my new job.  It's going to take me some time to get used to having teaching demands on my time again, and juggling crafting and blogging with that. I have really come on in my crafting this past year, and I have loved becoming part of the blogging community, and will be popping in and out as often as I can.  My apologies if I'm not visiting your blogs as frequently as I usually do, at least for the moment. It's just going to take me a while to readjust to being a working woman!

A quick cat picture then and that's your lot for today.  Don't want to spoil you too much!

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  1. What a talented pair you both are , wow your hubby has great taste in fabric these are super well done to him fabulous work Hugs Elaine

  2. Wow how talented is he, fabulous covers and gorgeous material too. Have a great first day. Hugs, Amanda x

  3. WOW I know men CAN sew but not many are inclined to do so, most don't even care how the house is decorated. What a fabulous job he did picking the fabrics AND making those cushion covers. Lucky lady.
    Congrats on the new job and good luck. I'll certainly understand if you don't have the time to visit. I don't have a job and can't find the time to create, blog and visit, it usually one or another but seldom all.

  4. Do you know on your blog you've said your HUSBAND made these? Is that a typo?! LOL! They're fabulous. Does he take commissions?

  5. Don't suppose you rent out your husband Victoria. I bought fabric to recover a large floor cushion about 4 months ago and it's still sitting in the bag! That fabric is gorgeous. Good luck on your "first day at school"! xx

  6. Wow, he is a talented husband hun! I've got trousers that need turning up ..... lol. Seriously, where do I post them? Best of luck with your new job, you will be shattered tonight! Hope it all goes well for you sweetie. Hugs Sxx PS. Loving the kitty pic.

  7. Wow, fabulous cushions there Victoria! Do you hire hubby out?

    Best of luck with the job - am sure you'll be just fine!

    Hugs, Di xx

  8. WOW - that sure is a talented hubby you have there. Very impressive.


    Sarn xxx

  9. Ohhhh scrummy cushions, just love the fabric he's chosen too! Good luck for today hun.

    Claire x

  10. Wow! What a talented man you have, these are fab Victoria, you lucky thing - can't wait to see the bag.
    I think my children would go well with that notice in your cat photo.

  11. Wow, he certainly is talented! But then ... I think you both are very talented. Good luck in your new job, I hope its everything you want. Hugs, Sue x

  12. Oooh these are gorgeous Victoria - your hubby is very talented indeed. Can't wait to see the bag !! As for the cat picture - he looks like my Smartie who died about 7 years ago now.

    Hugs to you and hope you had a good day at work!

    Sue P xx

  13. OMG! There was I thinking YOU had been sewing. Well, there was a blue moon last week!
    If your Hubby fancies popping over I have a huge pile of stuff for him to get on with, including kitchen curtains, bolster cushion cover, quilts needing finishing!!
    Good Luck in your new job at the prison...oops! I mean School of course. I bet you cannot wait until half term now!!

  14. P.S. If you change the cat for my Dog then you have him down to a t!!

  15. Who's a blessed girlie, then? I absolutely love the Nordic ones, but wouldn't turn me nose up at the French ones, either....and they look so lovely on your sofa....hubby has great taste!
    Hope all went well on your first day, and you didn't have to stay in detention.....hahaaa!

  16. Wahey, what a talented and thoughtful hubby! :)

    These look fab hun!



  17. Wow,lucky you!!! Tell hubby that an Australian girl thinks these are brilliant!!!
    Hugs Trish xx

  18. Sounds like you're the one being spoiled, Victoria! How marvelous and what a talented hubby you have. :-D My dad was a tailor (and a chef and a cabinet maker) and he's the one who taught me how to sew, an activity I have loved ever since!

  19. Your husband is a "keeper" if he can do all that! Good luck with your new job! I'm sure you will get the hang of working & crafting in no time at all.

  20. Goodness gracious Victoria - can I borrow your husband! Your pillows are wonderful!!!

  21. hubby sews??? he is a keeper for sure girl :)
    all the best to you in your new job!!!!

    that cat could be mine! lol

  22. Wow !! Hats off to your Hubby Victoria :)Those are gorgeous !! Lovely fabric and both go so well together.Hope you first day back in school went well xx

  23. Hi Victoria

    I hope your first day back at work went OK.

    Your cushions are gorgeous. What a lovely hubby to go to all that trouble! Gorgeous fabric choices .. .. and I can see the hearts LOL!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the back now.

    Love Jules xx

  24. Do you loan him out Victoria? I have one that has excellent tech skills but no artistic leanings - maybe we could swap for a day lol! Gorgeous cushions, love the fabric, so very stylish. Take care of you and your job before the blogging, and loads of good luck with the job. I know that not everyone has the time to blog so much. Just don't burn yourself on both ends hun Karen x

  25. Wow Victoria - what a talented husband and how wonderful to go to so much trouble to pick fabric that has so much meaning for you. Good luck in your new job........concentrate on that first of all as we bloggers will still be here whenever you have the time and inclination to join in again!


    Karen x

  26. Wow Sam is amazing!!!!! does he have any single Brother's whom are equally as talented???. I know you described them to me over the phone Vic but these are stunning being able to actually see them. The nordic one's are yummy!!!. The Paris one's are very chic. You must be well and truly proud of them. I can't wait to see the tote Sam is making you so don't keep us hanging to long will you hun. Was thinking of you yesterday starting back at school. I so hope that it all went well for you hun. Will have a good catch up over the weekend if you get chance. Take care lovely. Hugs Clare xxx P.S Hope Socks is coping ok without his Mumma being on tap 24/7 x

  27. I wish I had time to read all the other comments, but I can still imagine that there is a whole of drooling over your hubs going on! Dang, woman, you done good picking him!!

    Sending you blessings of calm in your new job, Victoria. It will balance itself out; just breathe. Big hearts, Darnell

  28. Hope all went well with your first day back. Love the cushions, very talented indeed. x

  29. I'm probably just another voice saying "I wish my husband could do that" ...actually I wish I could sew like that too!!
    No wonder you're delighted with them they are so bespoke and a wonderful pressie :0)
    Jenny x


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