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Can you believe we're in August now?  Oh my, doesn't time fly?  I'm a bit tardy with my WOYWW post today --- what am I saying, it's not even 8am....  Anyway, visit Julia's Stamping Ground to start your voyage of inquisitiveness!

Anyway, there's not a lot on my desk at the moment so thought I'd show you the things I have along the back, especially as some of you have been oggling my pots!

From right to left:

My colour caddy was a worthwhile investment as I was really struggling to store my ink pads.  (Sarn: I don't have them all - there are 5 gaps at the back!)  It twizzles round so I can get easy access to all my colours and the storage space on top is handy for ribbon and brads and whatnot.  Oh, and my cuddly cat toy who surveys all I do.

A friend found these tins for me whilst she was on holiday somewhere on the western isles of Scotland, I believe.  It was a thank you present for looking after her cats.  "No doubt you can find a use for them in your kitchen" she said.  "Nope," I said, "but they look good for my colouring pens!"  The sheep tin is another Scottish acquisition, originally given to us full of shortbread but now full of paper flowers.  You can just see the edge of my Stampin' Up marker pens case too.... I love how I can colour in stamps really crisply with these beauties.

And finally, all the hard to store odds and ends are in these mini plant pots, which I keep meaning to alter but for the moment are still in their plain wooded state.  Oh, and there's my stationery holder too... I've got to work sometimes! :)

Hope that's satisfied your curiosity for a week!  Happy WOYWW to everyone and I look forward to noseying at your desks soon!


  1. Oh those pots are adorable. They will look great when you decorate them. I would love one of those for my ink although it would look rather empty if I got one. I have such a mix of different brands of inks. Sandy :) #43

  2. yummy ink pads!!! i love the wooden? planter boxes

  3. I love your neatness!

    Hugs from a Fellow Neat-Freak.


  4. thanks for showing them in detail,love those flower pots
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  5. OMGoodness! I thought I had a collection of ink pads! When can I come to play?
    Love those flower pots too! I will alter my wooden box when you alter your pots! How about we make a date?!!

  6. Well good afternoon MISS TIDY , wow if only my desk looked like this .
    Love your dip in , yummy and creamy tins ..fabulous, have fun , thank you for your lovely comments they are always appreciated Big Hugs Elaine

  7. You have the cutest most clever storage! I love those tins, and I think what they say can totally relate to the yummy colors of your pens. And oh, to have all those ink pads--sooo fun. I'm barely starting to stamp things--but I really want to stamp some fabric. Have a fun day dearest! --Sandy Leigh at #38

  8. Hi Victoria - thanks for popping in to see me - glad I didn't scare you by showing you the untidy photo first!! Your desk looks like an oasis of calm by comparison :-) WOYWW Hugs from Helen 19

  9. I'm going to stop visiting your blog on a Wednesday, your tidy desk always makes me feel so messy - joking apart I will have a tidy desk one day, I've invested in a set of drawers for my pens, I think my ink pads might have to be next.

  10. Hi Victoria,

    I had that stamp caddy and sold it on ebay.... oh if only I had it now! I went through a phase where I sold alot of my SU stuff (full sets of the ink pads) because I thought I'd quit making cards. Then it all started again - but now I'm back on the downswing of cardmaking. Not sure if I'm going to make any more or not..... oh, but I see so much loveliness on WOYWW desks that I think I should..... Such a conflicted heart.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I miss my little Tulip.


  11. Love seeing all the gorgeous colours on your desk, Victoria - I've never seen such a collection of pretty coloured scissors before! It all looks so nice and organised, an invitation to dive in and create something beautiful!!

    Great minds think alike - I've got the exact same red desk tidy with office-y things in it (and the odd craft tool finds its way in there too lol!) and also the exact same cuddly kitty - in our house she's called Fifi, and really belongs to the 2 bears lol!

    Thanks for your visit and glad you enjoyed my recycled waste products! I'm thinking of doing some blog posts on this, to challenge and encourage us all to think a bit more about this, and make art rather than consign perfectly good stuff to the bin just because it looks a bit manky!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #7

  12. Love your rainbow collection of ink pads and the sweet little flower-pots. My desk is not so tidy at the moment!!!

  13. Your desk looks so organised - and what a great selection of ink pads - I just have a couple of boxes of stamping spots - but at least I have a good selection of the pens - I love how everything in SU co-ordinates.
    Bernice #2

  14. Wow Victoria I can't believe how tidy your desk is! Especially before 8am in the morning - unless you had a major tidy-up after yesterday's crafting!!! lol. Strangely I've been having a tidy up today and pondering how best to store my SU inkpads........they aren't the most stable of items when stacked! Hmmm shall I treat myself........I wonder, but then I'd have to invest in more in pads because it would be just rude to have!

    Karen x

  15. what cute cute cute organizing containers it makes for a cheery place to work thanks for stopping by and just and FYI my class today went awesome everyone showed up and went home happy Yippee!! have a great day

  16. I enjoyed the close-up of your cute space!! I always drool over those adorable tins when I spot them on one of your posts! (Of course, I love how neat and tidy you are!!)

  17. Everything looks so organised and pretty Victoria,
    How many pairs of scissors do you have???
    I love all the pots and wonderful colours. ;D
    Can you believe I haven't any ink pads!!! I KNOW :$
    Thanks for sharing and visiting my place earlier.
    Have fun with your week :D
    Neesie #37

  18. LOL I dare not take a picture of my crafting desk. Too may things got piled there during the madness of grading final exams and term papers. I went in today to do some crafting and spent the entire afternoon just getting organized again. The I got two packages in the mail of things I had ordered so guess what's piled in the middle of the crafting space now? Sigh... :-D

  19. I love the organization and i am drooling over that ink stand full of ink pads....lucky you!

  20. Wow, so many huge SU inkpads, snort, I have Certainly Celery all on its lonesome. Love all your storage - am just on the verge of giving my shaped blades scissors away. Hope I don't regret it!

    Happy WOYWW, Di xx #11

  21. I love tins and boxes, so you have spoiled me with this week's post!! LOL. You have a fab crafting area - I love the mocha card from today's post too, very sophisticated indeed :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a fab day and was thoroughly spoiled!!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  22. Shame they don't make a similar storage for Distress inkpads!!! Love those little pots too - look forward to seeing them decorated!!
    Happy (late) WOYWW

  23. Hi there Victoria okay trying not to be green at all your lovely pads there, so many yummy colours.. and could go on about your tins too, yum yum! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #43

  24. fab tins and fab collection of inks. Most of mine are unsurprisingly in Turkey, like most of my crafty stash. thanks for popping by earlier
    caroline #51

  25. Great storage solutions - love the coloured tins, and also the wooden plant pots. I know altering is tempting, but I do like plain wood as well sometimes!
    Alison x

  26. Oh, I do so enjoy visiting other peoples craft spaces. I can imagine great things happening here. I love it.


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