Friday, 24 August 2012

With Sympathy

When I started making a card using Reason to Smile, the stamp set you can get for free with orders during August, I didn't for a minute think I'd end up making a sympathy card.  It just sort of looked right when I came to add the greeting.  When you make cards, do you have a set idea of what the finished card will look like or do you make it up as you go along?

Here's the card: very simply but quite elegant, I think. (Sorry, the wonky photo fairy has been making her presence known!)

Stamps: Reason to Smile, Teeny Tiny Wishes
Ink: Rose Red, marker pens in Rose Red and Wild Wasabi
Card: Whisper White and Rose Red
Other: Stamp-a-ma-jig

That was a short and sweet list!  I'd like to enter this card into the 'sympathy' challenge at The Sisterhood of Crafters.

Socks spent the night sleeping on the carpet outside our bedroom.  He must have wanted some space or else he'd have just jumped on the bed like he normally does, but then he can't have wanted to be far away or he'd have curled up on the spare bed.  Why he didn't just sleep in his basket in our room, I don't know, but then cats aren't well known for actually sleeping where we'd like them to!  Anyway, Socks would like to thank all of you nice humans, dogs and cats for sending get well licks his way.

As the vet's seems to be the theme of the week, here's a suitably apt photo, which was sent to me by the lovely and barmy Anne-Marie:

Thanks for stopping by today,


  1. Hello Victoria

    Wow, such a beautiful and elegant card - it's gorgeous. The simplicity of the design is stunning, and agree it's makes for a perfect Sympathy card. I see you have a lopsided photographer too LoL.

    So pleased Socks is improving.


  2. Definately a sweet and simple card with a lot of meaning...

  3. Very elegant card Victoria. I generally wing it with my cards, but it does depend what I'm doing!

    Have a fab weekend

    Claire x

  4. I love your funny kitty pics! You do such beautiful card work! I'm thinking about beginning work on some Christmas cards. But I'm not the greatest cardmaker. I just thought that some homemade Christmas cards might be more special than our usual photo cards!

  5. I rarely have a finished card in mind when I start and if I do, I rarely end up with the card I think I will! They kind of have a life of their own. You've place these flowers and sentiment perfectly, Victoria!

  6. Fabulous card there Victoria - love it! The technique of inking stamps with pens is one I really must try out - so, so pretty.

    I usually have an idea of what a finished card should look like when I begin - doesn't always work that way but that's the intention. Some folk even do sketches beforehand - not me though :)

    Have a super weekend, your lovely card is in front of me here on the desk - I do so love it!

    Hugs, Di xx

    Love the cat piccie too!

    Hugs, Di xx

  7. Er . . . some and some . . . sometimes the planned card works just right, and sometimes it goes haywire and I make it up as I go along! I quite often set out with an image and no set plan!

    Very nice, CAS sympathy card.

    Glad Socks seems a little better.

    Sarn xxx

  8. Glad to here Socks is doing ok. We sometimes find the dog does random things as a form of protest when she is put out by something!! Animals eh? Your card is great. It is nice to see a sympathy card that doesn't have black on it somewhere, and the design does seem thoroughly appropriate for the occasion. Hugs, Buttons x

  9. Hmmn! Tough question for a Frazzled Friday evening! Sometimes I just fiddle and faff and something emerges and other times I have an idea of what I want! I think for RD it will be a F&F moment! No idea what I want - other than some sleep!
    Love that cat photo!! LOL!

  10. Absolutely fabulous ! Simple and elegant ! I like !!!

    Hugs from France.

  11. Hi Victoria, such an elegant card, beautiful. So pleased Socks is doing OK. I know what you mean about cats sleeping where they choose rather than where we choose! In reply to your question, I usually do have an idea of what the card will look like, but if often "evolves" as I am going along into something different! Hugs, Sue x

  12. Socks was put out that you didn't offer him your whole's obvious when you think about it...heehee!
    Love the simplicity and elegance of your card....and somebody already said it's nice to not see black on a sympathy card...this is perfect!
    Speakin' of perfect...I own up to "barmy" ('twud be hard not too), but "lovely"?......stretchin' it a bit, there, Victoria...hahaaa!

  13. your card is beautiful :)
    my cards never end up as i start out to make them! lol
    so glad Socks is feeling better :)

  14. Magnificent, Victoria! Truly stunning. I'm having a complete giggle over the cat photo today.

  15. Perfect for a sympathy card. Love the simplicity of it. Really a pretty card! I never have to worry about where Brady sleeps. He never varies. He starts the nite under my chin & is sometimes still there in the morning when I wake up! Who can figure cats out! lol

  16. I really like this set too. You have made a beautiful Sympathy card, Victoria. It's lovely!

  17. Beautiful CAS creation! Thanks so much for joining us at The Sisterhood ‘SYMPATHY’ challenge and please come back again soon!
    one of the 'Sistahs'

  18. I'm always a push over for CAS cards and this is fabulous.

  19. Well, you took the words right out of my mouth: simple, but elegant! Perfect for a sympathy card. Of course I have to thank you for sharing the photo Anne-Marie sent to you. I'm in stitches over Lawrence!!

  20. Your card is stylish and elegant and perfect for any occasion that stamp is so pretty. As for the cat , another rib tickler !


  21. Hey Victoria

    You are right this is just perfect for a Sympathy card - it is so beautiful.

    Winston (my cat) sends Socks a big hug along with me! I know I am a crazy Cat lady.

    A big thank you for dropping by to see me and leaving me some lovely comments.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    Take care


    Hazel xx

  22. A beautiful, classy sympathy card. Sometimes less is definitely more! Lovely.

    As for Lawrence, well... ROFLROFLROFL is all I can say!!! Ha ha haaaa!!!!!


  23. This is such an elegant card Victoria. In answer to your question I always have a clear picture in my mind of what my cards will look like when finished - they don't always end up as I would like though!
    How is socks? I hope he is well on the road to recovery.

  24. Beautiful stamping Victoria what a lovely card Hugs Elaine

  25. HI Victoria, what a beautiful card. Looks just so lovely and the colour is great.
    Thank you very much also for your visit and your lovely comment on my blog.
    Hugs Claudia

  26. Beautiful card Victoria - I sometimes think we crafters do too much on a card (I am terrible for doing this) your card is absolute simple elegance. Perfect for a sad occasion you need nothing else added to it.

    Hugs to you (tickle under the chin for Socks)

    Sue P xxx

  27. Wonderful simplicity Victoria. Perfect for the occasion. x

  28. What a perfect use for this set! Beautiful job :) I may just CASE this. Thanks so much for playing along with The Sisterhood of Crafters for our Sympathy challenge!

  29. Stunning card Victoria and again perfect. It's very elegant and I love that too! hugs to Socks and you Karen x

  30. Hi Victoria,
    I love how you created this card I really need to get my stamp pads out again..... you have done such an inspiring card!!!
    Hugs Trish

  31. This is lovely Victoria-and is perfect for a sympathy card.
    Yes,i have an idea in my head when i start as to what sentiment the card will have-but like you it can all change !Sometimes something i think will work really well looks terrible and has to be tweaked-thats cardmaking for you though eh ? :) x

  32. After reading the caption on your cat picture it's kind of hard to comment on anything else!!


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