Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tearing Up The Grass

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.  My Mum and Dad have been staying with us which has been very nice.  I did manage a quick nosy at the Less is More challenge yesterday morning so I could muse on it while out and about.  Anyway, I've just had chance to make a quick something, using my lovely little Trendy Trees stamp set, a perhaps overlooked set from the main catalogue, together with a scrap of paper so I can play on the snippety swings with Di and friends.

Stamps: Trendy Trees
Ink: Early Espresso, Old Olive
Card: Crumb Cake
Paper: Old Olive from the Brights stack
Other: stamp-a-ma-jig

It would have been great if I hadn't actually made it like this....  What a twit!

Upon realising my mistake, I may have looked a little bit like this!!!

Thanks for stopping by to see my one-of-a-kind artwork (bet you've done it before too!!),


  1. Welcome to my world Victoria lol
    Least you can cut and mount as a panel
    Simply fabulous card!
    Thanks so much

  2. Whoops! It is a lovely design though! that cat's expression is just brilliant, lol!

  3. Hi Victoria

    Love your card even if you've made it upside down. I had to laugh as I've made many of back to front cards myself! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Sarah x

  4. Yep, yep, yep! Just cut it off and layer onto another card front....or send it to me to be used in evidence against you...hahaa!
    Don't think I've noticed those trees before....sweeet!

  5. Hi Victoria-What a pretty card,simple but very effective-Ah,so i am not the only one that has crafty bloopers !!(my Blog post tomorrow features a folded paper shirt which i have since realised has the clock design upside down!)Tee hee :) x

  6. You have no idea how hard I am laughing right now. And how good you have made me feel!!! Not only did I do this same thing a few weeks ago, but when I cut the front off to re-apply to a new card, I got busy talking to my friend & did the same thing again! Now THAT is a twit! The card is darling at any rate!

  7. Oh Victoria, this made me laugh so much, I suppose you could send it to a friend 'down under'! Despite the mishap it's a great CAS card. Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. I think we have all had those upside down days, lol. Still a delightful, fresh looking card though. Hm, I feel a spot of matting and layering coming on! Lynn x

  9. Oh Victoria - how absolutely honest of you.....which makes it even better! The cat's face says it all......


    Karen x

  10. Such a gorgeous card, love that you showed your mistake, ps we would never have known lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  11. A lovely CAS card, Victoria. LOL I have done the upside down thing before, so I open my card out flat before adding anything! Sue x

  12. That's so Funny Victoria and havn't we all done it too ,but you have made my day . Your card is gorgeous though ....Hugs Elaine

  13. Hi Victoria! Oh no - Australian card-making!! And it was so full of LIM elegance and simplicity (I may have cracked vintage layering, but these still fill me with awe), and it's still a cracking card! Sorry I've been a lax blog-visitor lately - still recovering from wedding madness last weekend, but it's nice to get out and about again in Craftyblogland...
    Alison x

  14. Everything in simplicity ! I LIKE !!!!!

    Hugs from France.

  15. Brilliant card Victoria. Lost count how many times I've done exactly what you did :0)
    Margaret x

  16. Hallo Victoria

    Merci beaucoup pour le super gentil commentaire que tu m'as laissé. On effet, les commentaires en langue française sont plus-tôt rares.
    Tu as appris le français ou est-ce-que tu est française et que tu vie en Angleterre? Si ce n'est pas ta langue maternelle, chapeau!! tu t’exprime drôlement bien!

    Ta carte est super mignonne et le fait qu'elle soit à l'envers, je trouve ça plus-tôt très original. Le chat est tout simplement "trop fort"!!

    A bientôt et merci encore de m'avoir écrit en français


  17. ROFL so, so glad it's not just me that does that! At least you can cut it down and remount it though! :D x

  18. Sweet and lovely. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet luv. Hugs.

  19. ROFL as well here :) We've all done it, honestly, but your photo did make me laugh!

    It's a great card anyhow, very clever design.

    Treehouse in the playground? WHAT next?!?! Snort, I don't suppose you'll be building it along with Sam and Mrs A.

    Hugs, Di xx

  20. Whoops, what a shame Victoria, it's a great card. Perhaps you could send it to someone in Australia lol

    Hope you've had a great weekend xx

  21. I am literally laughing out loud! Thanks for showing us what you did...and trust me...I done this too many times to count! LOL!! Fortunately, I can usually cut down the card front and make a layered card. I LOVE it!!! OMGoodness! I needed the laugh today!!! Thanks!

  22. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who has done things like that! :-D Lovely card and perfect for CAS. Love the kitten!

  23. LOL YES i have done that before! and more then once!!!!

    am loving those trees :)

  24. Oops, things happen, but you can cut out the front! It is a wonderful card!

  25. Simple and clean. I like it very much....:))

  26. Oh yes - been there, done that - it's a great card though, love the Trendy Trees stamp - Jacqueline xx

  27. Oh Victoria you did make me laugh!! However the design is fab so will make a super card when rectified! You could always add a sentiment along the bottom saying "You turn my world upside down"??!!

    Aileen x

  28. Ha ha ha . . . oops . . .SORRY Victoria . . .but, oh you did make me chuckle. YES . . . we've all done it.

    Any Aussie relatives to send it to??

    If not . . . just blame it on the HEAT and HUMIDITY at the weekend!

    Sarn xxx

  29. Hee Hee! I am sure we have ALL done this including Sandra, but not readily admitted it! I am with Sandra on blaming the heat and humidity! I also like Aileen's answer!

  30. Great card Victoria, it's nice to see that you are human - I was beginning to wonder with your super tidy desk!

  31. Ha ha! Yes, I'm sure we've all done that - I certainly have!

    It's a fab card though, love the design and I really must get those tree stamps - they've been 'nearly bought' so many times! Hugs, Lisa x

  32. This really made me giggle, thanks for being brave enough to share it! I love Trendy Trees, btw, I have the wheel as well.

  33. If we could be paid for all the cards we've put together upside down or backwards, we could buy lots more stamps! Great save and a great card. And heavens, don't wake the kitty! BTW, thanks for your tip on the size of the cards on my blog. I really appreciate it.

  34. Hi Victoria, thanks for visiting and commenting on my little blog :) The card looks lovely, great trees! Shame about the *tiny* error - but never mind - these things happen!! Claire x

  35. Your tree and torn grass card is precious, Victoria! And, oh yes, haven't we all been Twits and made our cards wrong-way peach fuzz!!

  36. Haha..... You could always to send it to a homesick Aussie in this country!!!!
    Brilliant CAS design and love the stripey paper as grass :0)
    Jenny x

  37. Oh I have ordered that set. I cant wait to ink it up its so cute. i like the paper tearing for the grass it looks great. Sandy :)

  38. Yes. And more than the once too! Love those little trees. Hugs Mrs a.

  39. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D, FANTASTIC YOU CAT PHOTO!!!!remind me my niece Graciela, she love sleep, sleep:D:D:D.
    Thank you for yours comments last weeks, is nice to see you every week in my blog:D
    Fantastic days in London, my husband is working there, i love the weather of London, we have 36oC now in Palma when you walk in the street you feel like an oven roast chicken, horrible!.
    Great card Victoria :D:D:D, i think the perfect sentiment for your card, maybe can be "you have changed all my world":D:D.Beautiful stamps and colour.
    Hugs from the supermelted island.

  40. what are you like Victoria lol although I have been known to do the exact same thing on occasions. Great Cas card and those little trees are adorable.


  41. A great image - and it will make a lovely panel on another card! I've made many 'back to front' cards - so busy making sure the image is great that I've forgotten which way the card blank opens!
    Kath x

  42. Oh I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who does things like that! Great card anyway and thanks for the brilliant cat (and dog) pics - I love them.

  43. I'm so sorry that I'm late in visiting this week, but I have been on a wonderful cruise to Norway where I didn't have very good Internet coverage... maybe I should have gone to Australia for this one!!
    Thanks so much for your lovely contribution!
    "Less is More"

  44. What a great card! Loved the story too...I so enjoy hearing how someone else does occasionally do the same things as I do...Makes me feel not so 'arrrrgh'. Hope you are enjoying your parents' visit. Lucky you. TFS. See you on the playground soon, and we can talk 'bloopers'. Hugs


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