Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Christmas Wreath

It's another Clean and Simple week at Addicted to Stamps, so embrace the freedom to make any kind of CAS project you like and share it with us!

I took the opportunity to make another card for the Christmas box this week and had a play with the branch of my Bird Builder punch.  By snipping off the very ends of the branches and curving them round, I made a nice little wreath:

The berries were made using the smallest circle I have: the tiny pupil punches from my beady-eyed Owl Punch!  The greeting was coloured in Old Olive and Real Red markers and stamped in the bottom.  Add a few rhinestones and a couple of layers (yes, layers, on a CAS card!) and job done.

Stamps: Beautiful Season
Ink: Old Olive and Real Red markers
Card: Certainly Celery, Real Red, Old Olive, Whisper White
Other: Owl Punch, Bird Builder Punch, stamp-a-ma-jig, rhinestones

I can play in the Snippets Playground with this as it is a mostly snippety make, including the tiny red berries. Do you think I'll get a prize for the smallest snippets?  Maybe not, as I've put Di in a bad mood with all my talk of treehouses, campfires and Elf and Safety nightmares.  Regardless of what the Head thinks, the wood for the treehouse has all arrived and we're midway through construction.  I was thinking of adding a rope ladder for fun.  In fact, I would really love to indulge my childhood dream of a huge network of treehouses and all the fun rope constructions that link them (think Robin Hood Men in Tights! Do I mean Men in Tights?  No, Prince of Thieves!!).

My husband has taken a week's holiday this week so we can spend some time together, and much of that has been spent in the kitchen batch-cooking for the next few very busy weeks.  We're prepared some really scrummy meals and if you play your cards right, I'll share some photos later on this week.  Socks is certainly enjoying all the exciting smells and the odd titbit he is allowed, so much so he has to sleep a lot of it off:

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  1. That bird punch is so versatile! It makes a beautiful Christmas wreath!

  2. Oh, I DO like this! I have that punch, and must remember to try this. Did you post this on Pinterest? (And if not, you should!) Very effective CAS cards, which I adore. TFS

  3. Just typed something, not sure it got posted. Will try again! I really like this card. It is my idea of a CAS card, which I adore. I have this punch, and must remember to try to make one like this. TFS

  4. LOVE your CAS card :)
    want to see photos of that fun tree house!!!

    awe socks is so cute :)

  5. Fab card love the wreath, it is amazing what you have created with punches. Have a fun week with your hubby, can't wait to see the pictures of all that food just wish we had scratch and sniff screens lol. Nice to see socks looking so much better and doing what cats do best. I will watch the treehouse construction from the ground though as my fear of heights will make helping impossible and we wouldn't want to give head a reason to shut the project down lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  6. Morning Victoria

    Wow your card is just beautiful, CAS but so stylish and elegant.

    I think Socks has the right idea, and looks adorable.

  7. Gorgeous CAS card Victoria - how clever to use that branch for the wreath...must remember that one! Socks looks like he's found the perfect ray of sunshine to fall asleep in!

    Karen x

  8. Fantastic card Victoria, great use of snippets too!

    I didn't know you were the playground rebel, looking for a companion, we could run riot together lol. Mind you, does the Head have a cane, ouch?!?

    Socks is looking very happy in the sun, his coat is in wonderful condition, they must be some good quality tit-bits!

    Have a lovely day with your hubby xx

  9. Great use of those punches Victoria! Very creative.

    Ahhh, look at Socks . . . he's looking better. Yay!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your cooking photos.

    Sarn xxx

  10. Everything in simplicity. I like ! Bravo !

    Hugs from France.

  11. Fab C&S card. Love that bird punch. Claire x

  12. I love your outside the box thinking with your punch Victoria. Love the idea - it looks super.

    As for Socks - he seems to look very much better, how laid back can you get. I love cat paws - I used to sit and play with Ebony's paws and she never minded - I know some cats would have had my hand off. Still miss her even though she died in January.

    Hugs to you and a tickle for Socks.

    Sue P xx

  13. Tree houses with ropes in between? Now your talking. Has the paint tunred up yet. I ordered pale blue for the chicken coup. Very productive for egg laying. Making the egg cosies as we speak!!! Card is terrific.
    I keep all the punch outs from my pink memory keeper hole punch. I know I know I'm sick and need to get a life! Hugs Mrs A.

  14. Well I have obviously missed a few episodes !! Tree houses, batch baking will have to go way back and see what all this is about sounds fun. Look how clever you are with your little cut off branches and tiny snippets, certainly makes for a fab CAS Card. BTW What to see the foodie photos !


  15. Very pretty, Victoria! A creative use of the punch and a fab CAS card! Its great that Socks is so much better and I look forward to seeing your cookery pics. Sue x

  16. Great Christmas card Victoria, I love that punch, it's so versatile:) Looking forward to the foodie pics, love the pic of Socks, I miss Miney who used to be around me the minute I got a chopping board out:)
    Val x

  17. Love the way you've made your wreath Victoria. Well done sticking on those itsy bitsy berries. Think I'd be going crossed eyed!

    You are very organised with your batch cooking. Look forward to seeing some pics of your yummy food. x

  18. That wreath is very effective Victoria, might have to have a go at that one! You have a husband that cooks - I'm so jealous! xx

  19. Gorgeous card there Honey. Love that wreath. I have to award that punch with being the most versatile one from SU!! It ran a very close second to the Tag punch which I ordered yesterday. If I had ordered the owl you would think I was just copying!! LOL!

  20. P.S. Nice to see Socks is taking it all in his stride in the sun! Dobby sends a lick and a sniff! xx

  21. What d'you mean, you'll post pics...where's the invite to tea? I hate to cook, so avoid it as much as I possibly can....bakin', yay...cookin', nay!
    Lovin' the pwetty weath...sorry, wreath....and you certainly know how to showcase your goodies!
    Hope Socks gets some tastes....just sayin'.....ha!

  22. Lovely seasonal card... snipping is one of my least favourite things, so I'm very impressed with your patience! LOVE the idea of a full-scale treehouse village - like the Ewoks' one in Return of the Jedi (hmm - age giveaway). And Socks looks to be making the most of the last rays of sunshine - typical cat!!
    Alison x

  23. Just read your comment on my blog.....all I'm sayin' is HAHAAAAAHAAA!!!

  24. Marvelous design, Victoria! I know it was a lot of work but it's gloriously elegant in its simplicity. Well done!

  25. You are soooo clever! What a wonderful way to create a wreath!! Perfectly CAS!

  26. Lovely card-its simple but really effective-those tiny ikkle berries though-what patience (gold star for you !)My hubby says he may consider a straight swap ...the veg garden and greenhouse for the tree house ? PLEASE post piccies when you have it finished ! xx

  27. Fab CAS Christmas card Victoria, I'm glad to see Socks managed to find some Sun.

  28. Way to go! So perfect and possibly using the smallest snippets ever - love the CAS look, and admire your patience too :)

    Pleased to see that Socks is brighter.

    I'm not in a bad mood about the tree house, and now talk of a chikkin coop, it's not that at all. I just have a very sore head from banging it on the desk here and then furtively peering into the garden for little playmates creeping round with planks of wood. Reality getting mixed up with the playground I think :)

    Hope you're having a great week - it sounds like it.

    Hugs, Di xx

  29. The clean and simple look is always the most elegant--love it. Hug your kitty for me!

  30. Your card is gorgeous Victoria. Love the CAS look! Socks is so cute!

    Sarah x

  31. Hi Victoria. Beautiful!!! Sounds like you have been busy in the kitchen. Do you want a lodger!! lol!
    Regards Florence x

  32. Beautiful and simple card - the best! Socks sure is a pretty cat.

  33. Hi Victoria - I'm playing catch-up so sorry this is late. Your card is lovely I've made cards like this in the past - the bird punch is so useful for this don't you think? - Jacqueline xx

  34. Great Christmas card Victoria and so nice to see Socks relaxing I hope he is doing well Big Hugs Elaine

  35. Great Chrissy card Victoria, love those little berries and it's so great to find extra uses for our punches.

    Socks looks adorable stretched out like that. x

  36. Another gorgeous card Victoria. SU punches are so versatile, they are super. Love that you are showing the different ways in which they can be used. Awww love the pic of young Socks and how the sunshine reflects on his fur. He looks so comfy. Big hugs to you and Socks xxx


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