Friday, 5 April 2013

Birthday Cards

I had lots of beautiful handmade cards yesterday from the ladies in the cardswap group organised by the lovely Autumn Mist, so I thought I'd share them with you today.

First up is this absolutely amazing blackboard card with some cute kitties playing and causing havoc with the chalk.  Now if Socks wouldn't mind coming into school with me, the days might be a tad less stressful!  Thanks so much to Sue Ralph for this card - Sue, you must create a blog to share your talent with us more often!

Alison sent me this adorable purple card.  I can never get purple to look right but Alison makes it look easy. Nom nom, that cake looks scrummy too!  Thank you Alison! (Please let me know if you have a blog and I'll link up!)

Jane, aka Autumn Mist, used one of my all-time favourite stamp sets to make a lovely rosette. That butterfly quite rightly takes pride of place.  The butterflies continue inside too.  Thanks Jane!

Margaret sent me this lovely card using the splodges from French Foliage.  Those splodges are ever so useful and they make such a great background.  (Now why won't blogger spellcheck recognise the word 'splodge'?!)  Thanks Margaret!

Michelle, whose blogname Frecklepuss is just genius (Socks approves), sent me this cracker of a card.  I love the funky colours of this one and the embossing folder is great.  Thank you Michelle!

And last, but certainly not least, came this card all the way from France from another blogland friend: Catherine (not part of the cardswap group).  Such fabulous colouring and the colours are bold and beautiful.  Merci mon amie!

I can honestly say I have never had as many birthday cards in my life and I feel well and truly spoiled!  Thank you all so much!

A cat picture will finish this post off nicely:

Have a nice day!


  1. So glad you like the card Victoria, I literally whipped it up in an hour and posted it. It's slightly surreal seeing your card on someone else's blog! Glad you had a good day. x

  2. Super cards there hun - and that cat piccie and caption is sooooo funny :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. You deserve some love coming your way! Those cards are fab but the last one made me laugh, she reminds me of me!!
    It's my son's 20th birthday today so we've been celebrating with lunch at Wagamama in Salisbury! Yum :)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday wishes Victoria, it sounds like you had a lovely day - you certainly received some lovely cards, I especially like the one from your hubby. Great cat picture - I can always be sure of a giggle when I pop over to visit!

  5. Hello Victoria :) I am back in the land of Blog! Long time no see-i expect you are as busy as ever.
    Happy belated Birthday xx and what gorgeous cards you received-lucky you !
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  6. I think I wished you a happy birthday early last week, but in case my dementia is peaking now that it's cocktail hour, happy belated birthday! You received lots of precious pretty cards there, little one! Especially nice was the handmade prize from your Mister!! Many, many more to you and Socks!!

  7. Victoria, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You really got some swell cards. All were so pretty, each one such a different style. Lucky you, to have so many talented buddies. Hope your day was wonderful, and TFS your beautiful cards with us. HUGS

  8. What great cards - your mantelpiece and windowsills must look wonderful! Love that blackboard effect...
    Alison x

  9. Glad you liked the card and hope you had a great birthday. Am happy that you and Socks approve of my blogname! Michelle x x


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