Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Birthday To Socks and Me!

Today I have a card not made by me: as it's my birthday, I thought I'd put my feet up!  About a year ago, my husband finally got all the hints about handmade cards being more special and now, three times a year, he requisitions my craft supplies for an evening to make my birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas cards.  Apart from a minor amount of panic as he asks for help finding various adhesives or scissors, and a minor amount of amusement when he asks questions like "and where is your really bright paper?", it really is a treat that he makes my cards for me!

So today I am sharing his birthday card to me:

He really liked my Stampin' Write marker pens, pulling out a whole array of bright colours which made me wonder what on earth he was making!  I knew he'd finished the outside with the question "where is that thing you use to make cards flatter?" but then he had me worried when he asked "and how many different cat stamps do you have and where do you keep them all?"  We're both cat mad in this house!  But check out his amazing colouring with the blender pen - it's better than I can do!

Today is also our nominated birthday for Socks as we collected him from the rescue centre a year ago to this day!  It's amazing to think what a big place our little fur ball has in our lives!  I think he knew it was our birthday today as he let me have a lie-in... very much appreciated, Socks, thank you!  He's radiator hugging at the moment as it's so windy outside.

I wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday with my blogland friends, but I'm not a fan of candy... I follow people because I like what I see and I hope the same goes for me!  So it isn't much, but I would like to send someone in the UK a free Idea Book & Catalogue (RRP £5.95) as whether or not you are as crazy about Stampin' Up! as me, the Idea Book really is jam packed full of ideas and is bound to spark creativity.

I didn't want to exclude my blogland friends beyond our shores, so I would also like to send someone a little handmade something as I'd send you all something if I could.  If you're interested in either, just say so in a comment.  I will draw two names from a hat tomorrow night.

Now, what to do today to celebrate.... I think I might have a little craft!

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  1. Beau-ti-ful ! I like the picture with the gifts. Successful graphic effect. Sensible choice of colours. Bravo !

    Hugs from France.

  2. Big birthday wishes to yourself and Socks Victoria! Hubby's made a fab job of those cards. Hope you have a lovely day and are feeling a bit better now. xx

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTORIA , have a great rest today. How sweet of hubby to make you a card and how clever was he , tell him well done from me.
    Have a super day sending lots of hugs to you on your birthday Elaine

  4. How sweet of your husband to make cards for you - He has done a good job. Snap, because it's my birthday today as well (also my husbands which makes it quite difficult to spoil each other). Hope you have a good day. Margaret

  5. Happy Birthday! Your hubby is so clever to make those gorgeous cards - I hope you get spoilt too, Hugs x x

  6. Happy Birthday Victoria and to Socks too. Congratulations to your husband too for making such a lovely card for you. I have showed my husband and he is now hanging his head in shame!
    Have a great day - Jacqueline xx

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS GIRL & SOCKS!!!. Wish you had told me on the phone the other day as would love to send you a card. Have to text or email me your address. Wow what an awesome card your hubby has made!!!reckon he would give us all a run for our money!!!. I would love the chance for a free idea book & catalogue honey. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. Big hugs to you and socks sweetie. Love Clare, Bert, Simone, squirrels & guinea piggys xxxxx

  8. Well, you kept that quiet! We've had no internet all day, so only just getting to read me bloggy friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOHOO! Socks, too, lol.....our black lab was a rescued dog, so we have her birthday as the day we got her, too....she was about 2 years old when we got her, so turned 14 last November...should be drawin' her pension soon...haaa!
    Love hubby's card....what a delight! My youngest son has been known to disappear into my craft room, and come out with something cute, but that's more to do with him being tight, and not wantin' to spend his pennies...haaahaa! Hope you've had a fabby day, sweets!
    And would love to receive something.....I regularly mug our postie, and have to drag him out from behind the pear tree, heehee!

  9. What a sweet husband you have, Victoria! He is a great cardmaker too. Love those bright colors. You don't have to send me anything. I enjoy your blog and hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  10. This is so cute! Thanks for your sweet comments, and I really hope you will link this up at Word Art Wednesday. Have a blessed week!
    Karen L

  11. Happy Birthday! Your hubby is definitely a "keeper" if he takes the time to make you such cute cards! Talent must run in the family! I'd love to have something you made. Tell Socks Happy Birthday too! My Brady just had a birthday too! His is on April 1st.

  12. Wow - You have a special guy there that made a wonderful card!
    Happy Birthday Victoria!!

  13. Happy Birthday for yesterday to you and socks! Your husband did an amazing job on your card. Wonder if I could get mine to make one for me on my birthday?! Lol x

  14. Happy Birthday Victoria, what a telented husband you have, there is no way I would let my husband loose in my craft room.

  15. Happy 'belated' birthday wishes to you and to Socks! (What a fab name!) Just wondering how you manage to get your hubby to 'make' you a card! I am lucky if i get a bought one, but i am going to show my hubby what your hubby made and see if it works for me! Your hubby is a star, fab card. I would love to own a Stampin UP! idea book or something handmade if i am not too late for your thoughtful draw. i live abroad but if i was lucky enough to be a winner i would give you my uk address or i would pay postage. Hope you had a fab day yesterday and lots of time spent crafting! Hugs, Jill x

  16. LOVE the use of the triple flower here! Your colors are so vibrant and beautiful! :)


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