Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Day Chocolate Masterpiece

I hope you had a truly blessed Easter Day yesterday.  We have had a lovely weekend with a really good friend of mine who came to stay to celebrate the Resurrection with us!  We always joke with her that she only comes to stay at our house when my husband makes homemade pizzas and I make our 'secret recipe' chocolate cake.  Naturally, with it being Easter, we had to find a way to make it Easter-y rather than baking a more traditional simnel cake.  The idea evolved over our catch-up phone calls over the past few weeks and this is what we ended up making:

The cross was made out of flakes, into which we carefully chiselled notches and then added melted chocolate to join the two pieces.  The empty tomb is, of course, an Easter egg (though it had 'Happy Easter from Cadbury's' written on it, and I'm not 100% convinced that Cadbury's were present at the time of the Resurrection) and the stone that rolled away is a creme egg.  There are also eleven mini eggs around the edge for the eleven apostles after the betrayal.

Now we actually had to make two cakes because I was telling our church secretary and his wife about the plan a few weeks ago and he said that we'd have to bring it into church so they could all see it.  I turned round with a distinct lack of charity and said 'I'm not sharing it!!!'  Needless to say, the cake went down very well!  It was an amazing service yesterday and we got to sing every single on of my favourite Easter hymns so I was in a really good mood!

The bunnies are on the table as part of our surprise Easter morning breakfast for our friend.  Here was the sight that greeted her when she came downstairs:

Note the creme eggs in the egg cups!  And here is the all important Easter bunny ready to tuck in:

I think you can see I had a good day.  Celebrating the most amazing day in history with my husband, my fabulous friend and my church AND being allowed to eat chocolate again! Nom nom!

And, of course, Socks wasn't left out:

Sorry for all the photos in this post but hopefully they made you smile!

I'll be back later with a chipboard triptych project that I'm rather pleased with.  Hope you'll pop back to see it!

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  1. Wow, that is one huge scrummy looking chocolate cake, bet you enjoyed every mouthfull! xx


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