Monday, 19 March 2012

Nappy Cake!

Yes, you read the title correctly.  A Nappy Cake, or Diaper Cake if you're in the States (I can speak American too, you know! ;-p).  I understand these are quite popular over the pond, but I only came across the idea last week.  While this creation was made without Stampin' Up! supplies, I feel justified in posting it as SU have yet to branch out into nappies!!  I made this on Saturday afternoon at my Nan's house as a gift for my brother and his girlfriend who are expecting a little boy in about a month.  I am so excited about being an auntie!

The masterpiece is constructed by rolling up nappies and securing them in circles around bath bubbles/baby lotion bottles etc.  74 nappies in this case.  That's a lot of rolling!  The outer rings of nappies were tied with blue florist's ribbon instead of being secured with elastic bands, and then wide ribbon was fastened around each tier.

Atop of the 'cake' is my little friend Quackers, sitting astride some baby lotion.  He is sporting a designer bow tie and belt to tie him onto the cake, as well as some stylish baby socks.

Hope you like the idea!


  1. Very cute Victoria! Being from "across the pond" I am slowly learning your language! ;-) I do love some of the words I see on many of my UK friends' blogs.

    Love the nappy cake!


  2. It's a quacker!!
    Sorry....couldn't resist.....okay, didn't even try, lol.
    Yep, I've seen a few of those, but this is by far the cutest....very creative, me duck!

  3. Aww it looks fab Victoria, they'll love it :o) Lisa x

  4. Love these nappy cakes Victoria! I've made cupcakes from two pairs of baby socks before but nothing as adventurous as this! Thanks for coming by my blog and your kind comments.

  5. I've heard of these, this is the first one I've seen - it's absolutely quackers lol! Sorry but I had to say that - it would have kept me awake if I hadn't taken the opportunity hugs Karen x

  6. LOL!!! you can speak American too. Don't you know that your "English" sounds so much better and I cannot speak that!! I love the word Nappy and your Nappy Cake is a quacker!!! Isn't that what Anne-Marie just said - a real quacker!! Of course I love the idea, who wouldn't want a nappy cake!!

  7. A masterpiece ! It's a good word ! Fabulous ! Fantasy idea ! It's a useful and original present for a birth. Excellent word ! Bravo ! It's very successful ! I liiikkkkeeeee !!!!!

    Hugs from France.

  8. Totally sweet!!! Lovely idea for a baby shower......That little duck will bring a smile for sure!

  9. This really is quite something Victoria! Such a lovely idea to make useful presents look so fab! Vicky x


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